Welcome to GreySnowPoker

Welcome to GreySnowPoker


Welcome to GreySnowPoker

In case you didn’t know, is the first real money Native American poker site to be granted an Isle of Man Gaming License.

How we put the Grey Snow in GreySnowPoker

In case you didn’t know, is the first real money Native American poker site to be granted an Isle of Man Gaming License, and here’s how we got there. Nowadays, the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma is mainly located in and around Perkins, Oklahoma. They call themselves the Bah-Kho-Je - meaning grey snow. As with many tribes in the USA, The Ioway today has its own police and fire departments, as well as health services and educational programs. From child development services to its vocational training, it continues to provide welfare for all of the tribal members.

In addition to all the good the Tribe does, how did poker fit in? Well, in the early 90s, the Tribe opened the Cimarron bingo hall, which soon evolved into a fully serviced casino with hundreds of slots and all the top casino games. Over time, more casinos opened and the land-based casinos were a huge success. But the Grey Snow wanted to bring even more entertainment to more people, as well as supporting the Tribe. This meant going online.

A couple of years ago, the first decision was made: to get into online poker. All they had to do was secure the license, partner with industry leaders, link with payment processors, get staff, develop and build the site, test the games, and release the software (plus a few more things)!

First, approval from the Oklahoma State legislature was granted. Boom! Next, we needed to submit the application and then receive the gaming license from the Isle of Man. Success! Bring in talented industry-experienced individuals for leadership roles? All good!

Our initial team of 3 has grown. We’re still only small but we’re growing week by week and the more smarts we bring onboard, the more we’ll pass on this positivity to you, the player.

We know there are hundreds of sites that offer poker and casino games and we want to separate ourselves from the pack; a different mindset if you will. A different approach. Perhaps even an opportunity to bring a not-seen-before level of fairness to the gambling community. Watch this space.

Our mission statement defines it quite nicely:

To become the world’s most reputable poker brand leading the way in promoting integrity, innovation, fairness and fun, while continually supporting the Native American community. offers games for all players and betting styles. Our playability suits beginners and casual players as well as the more-skilled.

If you have any questions about the site, games, strategies, or even if you want to work here, please email us at your convenience.

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