Three Amazing Poker Rooms

Three Amazing Poker Rooms


Three Amazing Poker Rooms

Here are three poker rooms that will surely provide an abundance of memories:

Three Amazing Poker Rooms

The most common destinations for poker road trips in the States are hot spots like Las Vegas or Atlantic City. Well established and reputable, the poker rooms in these two locations are energetic, grand, and are often frequented by top poker players.

Here are three poker rooms that will surely provide an abundance of memories:

Aria, Las Vegas USA

The Bellagio, Ceasars Palace and the Venetian: Three big names in Vegas poker folklore. If you’re in Las Vegas you’ve seen the buildings or maybe even played poker there. But while you’re in Vegas don’t overlook the Aria poker rooms.

Aria has 24 poker tables and there’s often a waiting list. Featured games include both Limit and No Limit Hold’Em, Omaha and 7-card stud to name a few.

When not playing at the tables, you can enjoy a hearty meal at the Burger Lounge or check out the rest of the facilities. Hey, you may even see Phil Hellmuth and Jean-Robert Bellande as they are often spotted hovering around the tables.

Casino de Monte-Carlo, Monte Carlo, Monaco

In a country where one in every three permanent residents is a millionaire, this Mediterranean “mini country” is home to wealth, beaches, fast cars and amazing casinos.

Officially opened in the 1860’s, the Casino de Monte-Carlo is one of the most beautiful casinos on the planet. The Casino de Monte-Carlo offers the European Roulette, Trente et Quarante, Black Jack, English Roulette and Ultimate Texas Hold'em Poker tables. Also lay waiting for you are Baccarat, Craps, Video Poker, and hundreds of slot machines.

Architecturally, the Casino de Monte-Carlo is visually stunning and the casino is rich with amazing history. Walk through the same hallways as royalty did and still do today. Play at the same tables George Clooney and Brad Pitt played at while filming Oceans Twelve. This place oozes history and should be on every poker player’s bucket list for destination poker.

Atlantis Bahamas, New Providence, Bahamas.

Our last stop is a cool 7-hour flight due southeast from Las Vegas, landing on the appropriately named Paradise Island in the Bahamas.

It’s possible you may not find a more beautiful backdrop than the Atlantis Bahamas. This prodigious resort offers absolutely anything a casino or poker player would need. There are 85 gaming tables featuring baccarat, Ultimate Texas Hold’em poker, Let It Ride poker, craps, roulette & blackjack, high roller & private gaming stations, and over 700 of the latest slot machines.

Don’t feel like sitting at a table but still have that urge to gamble? Check out the poolside gaming tables that include Blackjack and Craps.

When not gambling, the Atlantis Bahamas offers high end dining, multiple bars and lounges, a pool and comedy club to name a few of the available facilities and services here.

The great thing about poker and casino games is their universal appeal and availability. No matter where you are, the games are the same or similar. Player behavior is the same or similar. We sometimes conduct our lives in little boxes and rarely break free from those boxes.

Will you be able to plan an exciting road trip or poker vacation in 2018? Where are some of your dream destinations in which to play?

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