Why Setting Loss Limits is Important.

Why Setting Loss Limits is Important.


Why Setting Loss Limits is Important.

This article outlines many reasons to establish reasonable loss limits when gambling.

Responsible Gaming – Why Setting Loss Limits is Important.

It’s Friday and your paycheck has been deposited into your bank account. Work has just ended and you and your group of friends are off to a local pub then to hit the casino for the night. Nights like these are always fun; enjoying some good eats, experiencing the thrills of the casino, and watching Frank eventually wear his tie up there on his forehead. Oh, predictable Frank.

Something else that is predictable is your income. For most people, paychecks are deposited on schedule and the amount is fairly consistent.

Expenses are much more dynamic and we all have our ways of managing those expenses. Things like utility bills and insurance premiums are reliably and predictably invoiced and paid monthly allowing you to budget for them accordingly.

Friday night’s visit to the pub with friends is also predictable and reliable. Each food or drink has a set price and you can budget your dollars based on those known prices.

Seeing the importance of having predictable expenses, it’s important to apply that to gambling expenses as well. How much can you afford to lose? Figure that out and you’re one step closer to managing your bankroll like a professional.

One way to do this is to determine how much money you can responsibly lose between pay days. Break that further down into individual days or sessions so you can really nail down your gambling budget.

Let’s say you’ve figured you can responsibly lose $200 before your paycheck comes in again and you’re a weekend warrior at the tables, playing both Friday and Saturday nights. If that means four nights of gambling between pay days then you can afford to lose $50 per night.

If you’re the type of person who visits live casino venues then you should only take that $50 with you. Doing so means you will only be able to lose that $50 which is the amount that you know can be comfortably lost. Taking more with you only opens the door to more losses which will throw off the budget and leads to unexpected hits on the gambling bankroll.

For those playing on Grey Snow Poker, you can set your loss limits in any number of ways. You can do so on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You can even self-exclude if you need to take a break for a bit.

To set up your loss limits on Grey Snow Poker, simply log into your account through the game client. Just click My Account > Cashier, then the “Responsible Gaming” option along the green menu bar to set or modify your daily, weekly or monthly loss limits.

Responsible gaming is important. Know your limit and play within it.

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