Responsible Gaming: The Self-Exclusion Tool.

Responsible Gaming: The Self-Exclusion Tool.


Responsible Gaming: The Self-Exclusion Tool.

The Importance of Self-Exclusion as a Responsible Gaming tool.

Responsible Gambling – Self-Exclusion

There are many tools to help control gambling. Some of those tools include setting a loss limit, setting a time limit, and taking scheduled breaks from the table.

While those tools are exceptional in helping control gambling, there is one more tool that can be used if these methods are ineffective – Self-Exclusion.

The self-exclusion program is available at pretty much every gambling destination, be it online or at a live venue. When establishing a self-exclusion period at a live casino, the problem gambler’s photo is taken which can be fed into a facial recognition camera.

When the problem gambler enters the casino when self-excluded, warning signs appear and security often will escort the individual back out the door. If the casino is part of a chain, the information could easily be shared with the other properties further limiting the self-excluded.

For online entities, the reach of that self-exclusion can differ. For some sites, the user’s account is blocked, meaning they simply can’t log into the site at all. For other sites, you can still log in but the ability to wager any funds is eliminated during that established time frame.

In 2007, the Journal of Gambling Studies published a report called “Self-Exclusion Program: A Longitudinal Evaluation Study”. They followed a group of people who were going through the self-exclusion program. The study showed them that this method of controlling gambling had a lot of positives. The urge to gamble was significantly reduced while the perception of control increased significantly.

Further, the study showed that the negative consequences for gambling were significantly reduced for daily activities, social life, work and more importantly, mood.

Players on GreySnowPoker can set a self-exclusion period for anywhere from one day to a lifetime. Consider the options well though, as once its set, it cannot be changed. To access the Responsible Gaming section on GSP, simply access the Cashier then click the “Responsible Gaming” tab.

You can read about our stance on responsible gaming by clicking this link:

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