Poker Brags with Rags

Use your bluffing skills to gain free access to The Grey!
GSP Team | Mar 15, 2019
Poker Brags with Rags

Poker Brags with Rags

Usually, you need to pay for access to The Grey, our flagship poker tournament series.

But during GreySnow Poker’s Call My Bluff Promotion, you can win your way to free access into the riches of The Grey with bold play.

Show off your GreySnow Poker bluffing style to the world with a screenshot on Twitter (@GreySnowPoker) or Instagram (@GreySnow.Poker).

There are different ways your boldest plays can pay with entry to The Grey:
● 3 tickets to the The Grey ($8.80 buyin) go to the poster with the most likes and shares every day
● The top 2 bluffs each week will face-off with the winner crowned “Bluffer of the Week” and earning a ticket to the $66 Super Grey

Bonus points will be awarded if you articulate your thought process. Now get bluffing!