Time for a Shake-Up

GreySnowPoker loves poker. And we’re going out on a limb to challenge the poker community. Our vision is to create a playing environment that has a positive effect on the industry, which is why we are replacing the traditional rake-based fees with a service-fee model. No more taking from the pot, you just pay a simple charge when you decide to leave the table.

What is this service-fee model and why do we think it will create a better poker playing experience? GreySnowPoker believes it will improve the user experience, sustainability, transparency, integrity, and overall legitimacy of the games. We call it FairPlay.

How Does this Benefit the Poker Community?

Before we address the benefits on why the FairPlay model is better than the rake model, here are just some of the problems with the current poker setup.

  • There is an industry shift away from supporting poker while promoting games with less skill needed, such as casino games and sports betting.
  • The use of automated poker software and Artificial Intelligence gives way to unethical activity and behavior at the tables. For example:
    • The use of seating scripts that allow players to pick and choose inexperienced players while avoiding experienced players. This type of tactic is commonly referred to as “bum hunting” and does not take place in a live poker room environment. Online poker has allowed this type of behavior to carry on for far too long.
    • Automated software has the ability to record how players are playing, often using this data against recreational players.
  • Traditionally, budding poker players were able to deposit cash and, with patience and tenacity, gradually learn more and more and ascend through the stakes. With the current rake model (even for micro and low stake players), it has become increasingly difficult to profit from these games and move up to larger stakes. Our 3% FairPlay model deals with these concerns and keeps the poker dream alive.

Our FairPlay Lobby

As with brick-and-mortar poker rooms, the FairPlay lobby does not allow a player to choose which table they play at. When you sit down at one of our tables, you are assigned to that table. One of our concerns with the current culture of online poker is the predatory style of behavior that exists in cash games, with players refusing to play against other players of equal skill whilst preying on the recreational players.

With the FairPlay lobby, we mitigate this type of behavior by preventing players knowing who they are playing against. If they sit down and then decide to leave, they will be charged 3% of the amount they leave the table with - irrespective of the number of hands they played. Because of this situation, players will stay at the table for longer – and with the players they’re seated with. We believe this will create an environment that is more conducive to a fair and a more authentic game.

The FairPlay Model

Aside from preventing players from “bum hunting”, “rat-holing”, and “hitting and running”, we believe the FairPlay model benefits the poker community as a whole.

  • It creates crystal-clear transparency on how much you have been charged from the tables - and also what is returned to you in the form of our loyalty program

  • It supports an environment where players are incentivized for playing longer sessions at the table and deters negative behavior

  • Since we do not take ANY RAKE AT ALL during a poker session there is MORE MONEY at the poker table. Imagine playing on a table with 6 other players, and, after playing for an hour, how much of your potential winnings has already been taken off the table from rake.

  • The dollar value of the total buy-ins will never change over time. For example, if 6 players sit down with $100 each, even after 6 hours (without bringing additional cash to the table), the total dollar value at the table is still $600. No cash has been lost to the house. By keeping the pots rake-free, it will create more creative and interesting pots for players in the long run. What were once poker decisions to fold in a rake environment could now be calling or raising situations in a FairPlay environment. This should hopefully lead to more action, more fun, and a longer user experience!

  • We believe that players will receive more playing time and a better user experience playing at FairPlay tables than using the traditional rake model. It’s possible when playing short-handed on a poker table that, after a few hours of playing, the rake has taken out more money than players have won. This will never happen at our poker tables.

  • If you choose to play online poker it should not be based on who you are playing against and the level of your opponents – we are here to have fun and create a great playing experience that helps the players learn in the long run. You are never raked based on how many hands you play on the table – instead you are raked when you finish your poker playing experience. Simple - and logical!

  • If you lose your buy-in during a session you never pay the service fee.

How Does it Work?

Our business model is very easy to understand. We take a 3% service fee on all buy-ins to the table. The service fee is not charged on a per-hand basis like traditional rake, it is taken only when you leave the table.

In addition, our unique Loyalty Program will give back 1% of each player’s total spend into comp points; this is rewarded immediately and convertible to cash at any time. This means that we provide a 33% FairPlay return of the 3% FairPlay that is charged. Here are a couple of examples to describe our business model in action:

Example 1: Joe plays cash games after work. He buys in for $50 and sits at a table with 2 other players. After 45 minutes of playing, he loses his $50, and leaves the table with $0. Joe is raked nothing (3% of $0 = $0), but is still rewarded 50c for taking part in cash games at greysnowpoker (1% of $50 = 50c) from our loyalty program. The whole rake is paid by the winning players.

Example 2: Lucy usually plays for a few hours every day. She buys in for $100 and is sat at a table with 3 other players who also bought in for $100 each to start the new game. After 3 hours of playing, Lucy dominates the table and busts out all 3 players. The total Lucy takes from the table is $400, so when Lucy leaves the table she will be charged a 3% FairPlay fee of $12, therefore leaving the table with $388. However, as part of our loyalty program, Lucy will be awarded with $1.00 bonus as part of our loyalty program. Win or lose, every players will receive 1% back based on the amount they sat down and played with. In this case for Lucy, she sat down with $100 and will receive $1.00 bonus.

Do you have any questions about the GreySnowPoker FairPlay fee and the rewards scheme? We hope you do. Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] and we will be happy to answer any questions in even more detail.