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All tournaments hosted on GreySnowPoker apply the following tournament rule sets. Additional poker room rules and details are supplemented by our Card Room Rules, Poker FAQ, and How to Play pages.

In the event of any discrepancy between our Tournament Rules and our Terms & Conditions, the latter will take precedence over the former.


  1. Our Tournaments begin at predetermined times, whereby players will be randomly seated upon the start of the tournament.
  2. Prizes are awarded as stated in the Tournament Lobby unless the tournament is cancelled. Once registration is closed and the rebuy and/or add-on period is over, the prize structure will be finalized.
  3. Late Registration is available for selected tournaments and varies as it is based on blind levels. Late registration will close early if enough players are eliminated to begin payouts.
  4. Our tournaments allow unregistration until a time specified in the tournament lobby of each tournament, which may vary from event to event. Unregistration cannot occur if the tournament has started.

*GreySnowPoker reserves the right to modify registration and unregistration times without notice.


  1. We will always consider the best interest of the game and fairness as the top priority when making decisions about our games.
  2. Information such as blind structure, rebuy and break information can be found by selecting the tournament in the lobby. We reserve the right to modify the parameters of any tournament without notice.
  3. Players who self-exclude themselves during a tournament will still be able to complete any tournament already in progress in which they are playing.
  4. In Fixed Limit tournaments there will be one bet and three raises in each betting round, with exception to Heads Up where the number of raises has no restrictions. There is no limit to the number of raises allowed in Pot Limit and No Limit tournaments.
  5. The button is established randomly at the start of play for tournaments which use blinds and/or dealer buttons. The button is moved by one seat after every completed hand.
  6. With the exception being tournaments that allow re-entry, players are only to play in a tournament once.
  7. In order to rebuy or re-enter in a tournament the player must have available funds within their account; funds currently being used at other ring games or tournaments are not considered to be available.
  8. All players in tournaments will be forced to post blinds and antes, regardless if they are present or not.
  9. The blinds and antes of a tournament will progressively increase over time at schedule periods. Further details of this information can be found in the specific tournament lobby of the poker client.
  10. A tournament concludes when one player has won all the available chips in play or when the remaining players all receive the same prize (Ex. Entry into another tournament as a prize value).
  11. In cases where two or more players are eliminated on the same hand, the player who had more chips to start the hand will be placed higher than the player who started with fewer chips. In special cases where the eliminated players have identical chips in play and are eliminated by a third player, they will tie in placement of that tournament.
  12. Hand-for-Hand is an expression describing the stage of a tournament where each table must wait for all the other tables to finish their hand before dealing a new hand. This occurs when there may be a big prize jump should another player be eliminated.
  13. Upon elimination of players from the tournament the server/system will automatically try to balance the table to the fairest number possible.
  14. There is a scheduled 5-minute break every hour. The break schedule is the same for all tournaments and can be located in the Tournament Lobby.
  15. GreySnowPoker accepts no responsibility for player disconnections except for cases of a server crash.
  16. All tournament players (and ring game players) accept the risk of technical problems, lag, environmental causes, or other problems between their computer and the game servers.
  17. Should a player not act in time during a hand, his or hand will be folded if facing any action. If no action is initiated, such as a check from the other players, then the disconnected players hand will also be checked.
  18. GreySnowPoker runs daily bounty tournaments that differ from our regular tournament format. A cash ‘bounty’ is awarded every time a player eliminates another player from the tournament. This cash ‘bounty varies accordingly to the buy-in of the tournament and is detailed in the tournament lobby within the poker client. Each player begins with the same cash ‘bounty’ at the start of the tournament.

General Bounty Rules:

  1. The bounty is awarded to the player who eliminated the other player from the tournament, only on the condition that they have equal to or greater amount of chips than that player at the start of the hand.
  2. When a player wins a tournament, they also win their own bounty.
  3. In the event that two players have identical hands and eliminated a third player, they will split the bounty (only on the condition that each player had equal to or greater than the amount of chips than that player at the start of the hand).
  4. In Hi/Lo variants of Poker, cash bounties are awarded to the high hand as the low hand cannot eliminate a player.

*GreySnowPoker reserves the right to cancel or delay a tournament without notice.


If a tournament is cancelled for technical reasons the following refund policy will take place:

  1. If the tournament hast not yet started, registered players will be refunded their buy-in and entry fee.
  2. If the tournament has started and no prizes have been awarded then 50% of the prize pool will be split between all remaining players, and the remaining 50% of the prize pool will be distributed proportionally to players chip counts.
  3. If the tournament has started and players are in the money (meaning prizes have been awarded) then a refund of the tournament fee (and bounty cash if relevant) will be awarded. Additionally, the remaining prize pool will be distributed proportionally to players chip count.
  4. If a tournament has a guaranteed prize pool then refunds will only be made on the total buy-ins and not the guarantee amount.

*GreySnowPoker reserves the right to alter cancellation payouts or change the policy without notice.

Gaming Integrity

The following list is considered to be a violation of site terms and will result in forfeiture of funds, account suspension/termination, tournament disqualification, and may result in other penalties.

  1. Multiple accounts owned by one player and used to enter multiple times into a single tournament are not permitted.
  2. Players may not discuss anything about their hand until it is complete.
  3. Players may not use abusive or intimidating language towards other players.
  4. “Soft Playing”: playing more passively against a partner/friend.
  5. “Chip Dumping”: losing chips on purpose to another player.
  6. “Whip sawing”: purposely raising with a partner to misrepresent the strength of a hand or to get more money out of another player who is caught between the action.
  7. Any other activity that is deemed to be collusive in nature, resulting in team play, card sharing, or fraudulent behavior.