Tournament Schedule

Welcome to GreySnow Poker! Daily satellites to all Grey tournaments, The Big and Sunday Super Bluster available
Tournament Dates Game Type Time Buyin's GTD
The Grey East Daily Hold'em 1:00pm ET €6.30+€0.70 €250
The Big Mon-Sat Hold'em 1:00pm ET €35+€3.00 €5,000
The Grey Mon-Sat Hold'em 6:00pm ET €27+€3.00 €750
The Grey West Daily Hold'em 6:00om ET €6.30+€0.70 €250
Super Grey Sundays Hold'em 2:00pm ET €60+€6.00 €2,600
Sunday Super Bluster Sundays Hold'em 1:00pm ET €26.00 + €2.00 €20,000
Progressive KO Saturday Hold'em 1:00pm ET €26+€2.00 €7,000