Tournament Schedule

Welcome to GreySnow Poker! Daily satellites to all Grey tournaments, The Big and Exclusive Sunday available
Tournament Dates Game Type Time Buyin's GTD
The Grey East Daily Hold'em 1:00pm ET €6.30+€0.70 €250
The Big Mon-Sat Hold'em 1:00pm ET €35+€3.00 €4,000
The Grey Mon-Sat Hold'em 6:00pm ET €27+€3.00 €750
The Grey West Daily Hold'em 6:00om ET €6.30+€0.70 €250
Super Grey Sundays Hold'em 2:00pm ET €60+€6.00 €2,600
Exclusive Sunday Sundays Hold'em 1:00pm ET €26.00 + €2.00 €30,000