Loyalty Program

By playing on GreySnowPoker, you benefit from a system that charges zero rake during hands played and, instead, takes a 3% service fee from players leaving a table. We are loyal to players who are loyal to the tables – a longer session never demands more fees paid for your play.

Instead of following industry standards and raking as much as we can justify - before sprinkling a few pennies into the pockets of lucky players - GreySnowPoker is loyal to its players from the get-go: every time you sit at a table, 1% of your buy-in is awarded to you in comp points which can instantly be converted to hard cash.

It’s that simple: the GreySnowPoker stewards of the poker ecosystem give you direct cash back on your stack every time you sit down. Bring in $100 at the table, and $1 is rewarded back to you immediately!

Tournament players, we have not forgotten about you! We reward you back 25% of the tournament fee. As an example, if the fee is $5.00, we will award you with $1.25 in comp points.