The Match-Me Bonus

GreySnowPoker matches your first-deposit bonus up to $1,000, released in increments of $100. As you earn increments, they give you credits you can use at the table. Once you’ve cleared the full amount of your first deposit, your Match Me Bonus is converted into real money.

If you deposit less than $100, your bonus will be released in a single real-money payment, eligible for play immediately.

How do I follow my bonus progress?

Follow your bonus progress in the Bonus Cash Freed section of the Cashier section, which also displays your Bonus Cash Total (the full amount you can earn, equal to your full first deposit up to $1,000).

How do I release the bonus since GreySnowPoker takes no rake and instead uses a Service Fee model?

You gain your bonus cash every time you sit and play at our tables. 1.5% of the amount you bring to the tables counts towards your Bonus Cash Freed.

Example: You sit down at a $1-2 table with $200 and instantly earn 1.5% of the $200 ($3.00) thanks to the GreySnowPoker FairPlay Service Fee policy, which goes towards your Bonus Cash Freed.

When you reach $100 in Bonus Cash Freed, it is released as credit to be used at the tables.

When you reach the full amount of your first deposit (up to $1,000), the entire amount is eligible to be cashed out.

How long can I take to clear my bonus?

Take as long as you want. At GreySnowPoker there’s no deadline.

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