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1 - Agreement

This Terms of Use Agreement ("Agreement") provides a License ("License") to "users" to access, navigate, use, and participate in our online gambling services ("Services") on the GreySnowPoker.com website from any device capable of accessing the internet. GreySnowPoker.com is operated by the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma with the servers located on their sovereign land and regulated by the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma Gaming Commission.

This Agreement includes GreySnowPoker.com Privacy Policy, incorporated herein and made part of the understanding between GreySnowPoker.com and any User wanting to access GreySnowPoker.com. Both parties agree to be bound by the terms set forth.

Once accepted by User, this Agreement creates a contract between GreySnowPoker.com and User. The User should therefore print or retain a copy of this Agreement for future reference.

If User clicks on any buttons labelled "I agree" or "I accept" then this means that User has agreed to the terms presented to User (either this Agreement or other terms and conditions of use), which is a legal contract.

If you have opened an account in error then please do not use the Services and immediately contact GreySnowPoker.com so that your account can be canceled. Once User has started to use the Services, User may only terminate the use and/or account as provided for in this Agreement.

2 - Who We Are

The Services are provided by Ioway Internet Gaming Enterprise Limited, a company incorporated in the Isle of Man under company number 014369V with our place of business at 2nd Floor, St. Marys Court, 20 Hill Street, Isle of Man, IM1 1EU

3 - Amendments

GreySnowPoker.com reserves the right to update or modify this Agreement or any part thereof at any time without notice and User will be bound by such amended Agreement within 14 days of it being posted. Therefore, we encourage Users to visit GreySnowPoker.com regularly and check the terms and conditions contained in the version of the Agreement in force at such time. Copies of previous versions of the Agreement can be obtained by writing to Ioway Internet Gaming Enterprise, 2nd Floor, St. Marys Court, 20 Hill Street, Isle of Man, IM1 1EU or by emailing [email protected] The User's continued use of the GreySnowPoker.com site shall be deemed as acceptance of the Amended terms to the Agreement. User may notify GreySnowPoker.com that User does not agree to the Amendments and User shall be allowed to close User's account without penalty.

4 - Content Updates

In the event of a discrepancy between the English version of any site content or client content, and the corresponding translated content, the English language version shall be the prevailing version. GreySnowPoker.com may update or modify its website content at any time and may require the User to accept such updates and install them on whatever device is used to access the website. The User agrees that GreySnowPoker.com may change its content at any time and without notice, and some updates or modifications may affect third-party access to GreySnowPoker.com and may require additional upgrades from those sites to access GreySnowPoker.com. User shall have the right to notify GreySnowPoker.com that User does not agree to the Content Updates and User shall be allowed to close User's account without penalty.

5 - License

Subject to the User's compliance, GreySnowPoker.com grants a non-exclusive, non-transferable and revocable limited license to access GreySnowPoker.com and use the content for its intended purpose, and for no other purpose. User accepts that virtual currency or any facsimile is not a physical item and is not owned by the User, and that such items are non-negotiable except for their intended purpose.

6 - Account Registration

GreySnowPoker.com exercises absolute authority over the issuing, maintenance, and closing of Users' accounts on GreySnowPoker.com. The decision of GreySnowPoker.com management, as regards any aspect of a User's account, use of GreySnowPoker.com service, or dispute resolution, is final and shall not be open to review or appeal. Users agree they may be required to establish an account on GreySnowPoker.com website through the sign-up process and accept this Terms of Use Agreement and Privacy Policy to complete the registration process. Through the registration process, the User agrees that all data entered needed to complete the registration is true and factual. The User must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age.

7 - Equipment & Software

The User provides any equipment and any software needed to connect a device to GreySnowPoker.com, and the User is responsible for any fees, or cost, including internet access fees or mobile fees the user is assessed for using GreySnowPoker.com.

8 - Restrictions of Use
  • If the user accesses GreySnowPoker.com from another social network, the user may be required to accept that social networks terms of use and/or privacy policy as may be put forth
  • Users may not access or register an account on GreySnowPoker.com if they have not attained the age of eighteen (21) years
  • Users shall monitor their account and insure that persons under the age of 21 years do not access the account and the User accepts full responsibility for unauthorized access
  • Users shall not access GreySnowPoker.com from the account of another user and the valid User assumes all responsibility for misuse of account access
  • A valid User account may not be transferred to another User
  • The User is responsible to for any use of credit cards, or other payment device in connection with the users account
  • A User may not create an account using false information
  • A User may be denied opening an account on GreySnowPoker.com if the User was previously removed or banned from GreySnowPoker.com
  • The User agrees not to engage in any illegal activity
  • A User may not solicit others on the GreySnowPoker.com for any commercial purpose
  • The User may not engage in any act deemed by GreySnowPoker.com to conflict with the intent of use of the website and it services
  • The User agrees not submit a false report concerning any matter or experience while accessing GreySnowPoker.com
  • The User shall not interfere with the normal functions of GreySnowPoker.com website in any manner
  • A User may only have one active account within GreySnowPoker.com. Multiple accounts are strictly forbidden on the local network
  • A User may have an account with other partners on the Betconstruct network, provided that they do not utilize the accounts simultaneously on the global poker network

Without prejudice to any other rights, if User breaches in whole or in part any provision contained herein, GreySnowPoker.com reserves the right to take such action as it sees fit, including terminating this Agreement or any other agreement in place with the User, immediately blocking the User's access to GreySnowPoker.com, terminating such User's account on GreySnowPoker.com, seizing all monies held in the User's account on GreySnowPoker.com and/or taking legal action against such User.

9 - Security and Your Account

Having established a valid account on GreySnowPoker.com, the User assumes all access responsibility and accountability, including financial responsibility and the following applies:

  • The User shall not share their login information with any other person
  • If any User suspects their account information is compromised by another, the User takes full responsibility for such access and shall take steps to modify the User information, including but not limited to logon information
  • GreySnowPoker.com reserves the right to deny a user name if such name already exists, or conflicts with any third-party license agreement, or is owned by another person or entity
  • A User may not access GreySnowPoker.com in any manner deemed to be illegal with respect to the Laws of the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma, the Isle of Man or any other applicable law
  • The User shall not post or engage in otherwise objectionable conversation or disseminate objectionable information as deemed by GreySnowPoker.com and shall not engage in activity that may be considered abusive, threatening, obscene, or racially or sexually overt
  • The User shall not transmit unauthorized communications through GreySnowPoker.com including junk mail, spam, chain letters, malware, spyware, downloadable items, or links to other websites in conflict with the provision immediately above
  • The User use shall not use unauthorized third-party software to collect information from GreySnowPoker.com or from other authorized Users of GreySnowPoker.com
  • The User shall not employ any device or process, or take any action that creates any unreasonable or disproportionate traffic on GreySnowPoker.com
  • The User agrees not to attempt to siphon or obtain source code or any other intellectual property of GreySnowPoker.com
  • The User agrees to honor GreySnowPoker.com copyrights and trademarks and not use, copy or distribute GreySnowPoker.com content
10 - Game Rules

A list of GreySnowPoker.com Services offered and the rules applicable to each gaming activity offered can be found at www.GreySnowPoker.com.

11 - Account Limits & Betting Limits
Account Limits

Account Deposit limits are the maximum amount the User may deposit to User's GreySnowPoker.com account within a specified time frame. User may see the deposit limits for each deposit method once User has clicked on the specific deposit option on the 'Deposit Funds' page, located under 'Account'.

Betting Limits

GreySnowPoker.com offers No-limit and Pot-limit games ranging from $0.01/$0.02 to $300/$600.

In No Limit poker, User can bet any amount at any time - the bet size is limited only by the amount of money User has brought to the table. However, all bets must be at least the size of the big blind, and all raises must be at least the size of any previous raise on the same betting round.

For No Limit games, the 'Limit' column in the Game lobby indicates the Small Blind and Big Blind in that game.

12 - Disconnect and Timeout Policy

The User acknowledges that if User's connection drops or becomes disconnected the game will continue, and the User will be notified in the game and given the option to reconnect. If the User reconnects in time before player action timeout, the game state will be restored and allowed to continue. The User acknowledges that GreySnowPoker.com is not responsible if User's connection is lost due to third-party software or hardware. If a User does not respond and the User has the option to check, the server will automatically check for the User. If there is a current bet the User will be kicked from the table.

13 - Malfunction & Server Crash Policy

In the unlikely event of a server crash which prevents completion of a hand, the hands in progress at every table (tournaments and cash games) will be restored by rolling back these hands as if they had not happened. Each player's chip count will be reset to the amount at the beginning of the hand.

14 - Collusion

Collusion is a form of cheating in which two or more players signal their holdings in a game, or otherwise form a cheating partnership to the detriment of the other players at the same table.

While on one hand it is easier to pass information between colluding players online than it is in brick & mortar rooms, it is much more difficult to avoid eventual detection, as the cards for all players can be examined after the play.

No matter how sophisticated the collusion is, it must involve a play of a hand that would not be played that way without collusion. Our detection methods are aimed to catch unusual play patterns and warn the security personnel, who will then make a thorough manual investigation. We will also investigate all players' reports about suspected collusion.

GreySnowPoker.com reserves the right, in addition to other measures, to restrict seating and/or to prohibit Users from playing at a particular poker table or in a tournament, including restricting two or more Users from playing together at the same table or in the same tournament. In addition, GreySnowPoker.com reserves the right to consider any collusion or attempt at collusion between players (including Users) as a material breach of this Agreement and accordingly GreySnowPoker.com shall have the right to terminate a User's account if a User engages or attempts to engage in any such activity, regardless of the outcome of such attempt.

15 - Monitoring User Content

Any communication contributed by a user while on GreySnowPoker.com is considered user content and the user is solely responsible for such content, including, but not limited to chat content. The user certifies that any transmitted content is not contrary to any policy set forth in this Terms of Use Agreement or Privacy Policy, or any other prevailing law or regulation. GreySnowPoker.com may monitor user content at any time, and at its sole determination, and may refuse to post, or remove content at its discretion. For any continued misuse or abuse of the policies set forth herein as determined by GreySnowPoker.com, GreySnowPoker.com may revoke the user's license to use the website which may include the deletion of the violating user's account.

16 - Inactive Accounts

If an account is not used for 14 days and has available funds, GreySnowPoker.com will close the player's account and donate the funds held in that player’s account to such charity as designated by GreySnowPoker.com

17 - Disputes

The User accepts that the historical data of each game shall be as recorded on the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma's servers, located in Perkins, Oklahoma. In the event of a discrepancy between the poker cards displayed on your computer and the game records on the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma's servers, the latter shall prevail.

If a User wishes to make a complaint, please contact Customer Support or email [email protected].

18 - Customer Support Policy

We are proud to have a conscientious and dedicated service team working for you. Our support team is ready to answer your queries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

General Inquiries

Please contact us and a member of our support staff will be happy to assist you. If you don't have a GreySnowPoker.com account already, or can't access your account for any reason, then email us at [email protected] Please include as much information as possible about your question or concern, so we can handle your email quickly, completely and professionally. If you receive an error message, or have a technical problem, please provide us with the message or a screenshot so we can best understand the problem and address it in a timely manner.

19 - Customer Complaints Handling Policy

Our complaints process is designed to encourage the fast and efficient resolution of your issue at the first point of contact. While we will always aim to provide you with excellent customer service, we recognize that you may wish to express dissatisfaction with our products, services, staff or procedures.

During the course of your complaint, we will aim to tailor any proposed resolutions to provide a fair and reasonable outcome to all parties involved. Once accepted, we will aim to deliver our mutually agreed resolution to you within 10 business days, or 2 business days where the complaint is urgent.

Please follow the steps below to raise and escalate your complaint. In the event that you require assistance with making a complaint, our staff at each stage of the process will be more than happy to assist.

Step 1: First contact

To begin any complaint, please contact [email protected].

First contacts will be addressed by a Customer Service Representative (CSR) within 24-48 hours or as soon as possible. A CSR is empowered to resolve complex issues and first level complaints and make fair and reasonable customer service decisions.

Step 2: Escalating your complaint

If a CSR is not able resolve a complaint, they can escalate it to a Customer Service Manager (CSM). The CSM will review the dispute and attempt to resolve the complaint.

Step 3: Referral to Management

If a CSM is unable to resolve a complaint to your satisfaction, you can request that they provide you with a referral to Management.

A member of Management will contact you within 1 working day of receiving the referral to acknowledge your complaint. A response to your complaint will be provided to you within 2 working days of your complaint being lodged with Management.

We aim to resolve all complaints within 5 business days from the date of initial contact. Complex problems will be resolved within 15 business days. We will contact you directly to advise and discuss a new timeframe in the event that a resolution may fall outside these timeframes.

20 - Responsible Gaming

We offer Users a variety of functions and services to control their gaming practices.

  1. We offer "self-exclusion" or "time-out" options which can be implemented by contacting customer support. An email to support stating your self-exclusion duration will take in effect from the time a customer support agent responds and notifies you of the change in your account. Typically, if operations are of a normal nature, such requests will take 24-48 hours to be initiated.
  2. We offer "loss limits" function for Users within the client. Users can set a maximum amount that they can lose on the tables within a specified time frame of their choice.
  3. We offer "deposit limits" function for Users within the client. User can set a maximum amount they the can deposit on their account within specified time periods of their choice.

Note, that we reserve the right to inform any affiliate that possesses your email details of your self-exclusion so that the affiliate may also cease all marketing emails to you. Permanent self-exclusion is available and, like all other forms of self-restriction on GreySnowPoker.com, is irreversible once confirmed.

We will also endeavor to find any new accounts that you create and close them accordingly. Any affiliate that possesses your email details of your permanent self-exclusion will be contacted so that the affiliate may also cease all marketing emails to you. We will no longer send you marketing e-mails.

Permanent self-exclusion can be undertaken through your Account or by contacting customer support.

You can view full details of our responsible gaming policy here.

21 - Anti-Money Laundering

As part of our licensing agreement and in compliance with anti-money laundering legislation, Users need to be aware they may be required to produce personal documentation (such as Government issued ID, bank statements and utility bills) upon request in order for their transfer to be processed. To that extent, your use of or access to GreySnowPoker.com is conditional upon allowing us to perform independent verification checks which may require the disclosure of your details to third parties for these purposes only. We may also ask you to provide details of the source of any funds, source of wealth, and/or verification of the ultimate beneficial ownership of any corporate body (if relevant) and to provide certified and/or notarised copies of your evidence of identity or other documents. This allows GreySnowPoker.com to help protect the Users and prevent GreySnowPoker.com from being used as a vehicle for money laundering or fraud.

Until you have established a pattern of usage or until we have conducted our security and/or verification checks we may limit or restrict the Services made available to you and/or may limit the value of your transactions.

If you do not provide the verification information we require then we may suspend and/or terminate your Account. Similarly, if we believe your Account is being misused (either by yourself or is being used by third parties) then we may suspend and/or terminate your Account.

Additionally, we may be required by money laundering regulations to suspend your Account and/or to block any funds transfers or payments to you. If this happens then we may be prohibited by law from giving you an explanation pending clearance or other instructions from the relevant authorities.

22 - Breach of Agreement

If GreySnowPoker.com fails to comply with this Agreement then it will be responsible for loss or damage User suffers which is a foreseeable result of our breach of this Agreement or our negligence, but GreySnowPoker.com is not responsible for any loss or damage that is not foreseeable. Loss or damage is foreseeable if it is an obvious consequence of our breach or if they were contemplated by both of us at the time we entered into this agreement.

GreySnowPoker.com does not in any way exclude or limit its liability for:

  • Death or personal injury caused by our negligence;
  • Fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation; or
  • Any other matter for which it would be illegal for GreySnowPoker.com to exclude or attempt to exclude or limit our liability.

GreySnowPoker.com does exclude liability to extent permitted by law for:

  • Loss of data;
  • Loss of revenue; or
  • Any indirect, special or consequential loss or damage, even where the likelihood of this has been communicated to us.

Without prejudice to any other rights, if a User breaches in whole or in part any provision contained herein, GreySnowPoker.com or any other Company which provides Services to the User reserves the right to take such action as it sees fit, including terminating this Agreement or any other agreement in place with the User, immediately blocking the User's access to GreySnowPoker.com or to any other service offered by GreySnowPoker.com, terminating such User's account on GreySnowPoker.com, seizing all monies held in the User's account and/or taking legal action against such User.

User agrees to fully indemnify, defend and hold harmless GreySnowPoker.com, Ioway Internet Gaming Enterprise Limited, and their shareholders, directors and employees from and against all claims, demands, liabilities, damages, losses, costs and expenses, including legal fees and any other charges whatsoever, howsoever caused, that may arise as a result of:

  • User's breach of this Agreement, in whole or in part;
  • violation by User of any law or any third-party rights; and
  • use by you or use by any other person accessing GreySnowPoker.com using User's Login Credentials, whether this use is undertaken with your authorization or not.
23 - Unacceptable, Illegal and Fraudulent Use

Any of the following will be considered unacceptable use which GreySnowPoker.com reserves the right to regard as a material breach of this Agreement incapable of remedy:

  • Introduction of any viruses, Trojans, malware and anything similar or related into our systems or those of any other players using the Services;
  • Interfering in any way with or affecting the performance or availability of the Website or Services;
  • Excessive and/or unwarranted communications either between other players, to us or via our systems to third parties; and
  • Any threats, abusive language, pornography and any communications the content of which are illegal.

Any of the following will be considered an illegal or prohibited activity and are therefore not permitted under any circumstances:

  • Use of any external assistance, whether another person or any software/technology;
  • Acting in concert, collusion, or in a syndicate with anyone or anything else;
  • The circumvention of our security technology, procedures and policies;
  • Use of any information or access to any systems gained illegally, by deception or otherwise which gives you an unfair or sole advantage; and
  • The exploitation of a loophole, failing or fault in our systems or any other services which make up the Services which gives you an unfair or sole advantage.

Any of the following will be considered fraudulent activity and may lead to criminal prosecution:

  • Unjustified charge-backs and use of funds not belonging to User;
  • Use of stolen and/or cloned bank cards;
  • Withdrawal of funds from a bank account from which User is not authorized to withdraw;
  • The provision of false and/or misleading information; and
  • Any act by User which is illegal, made in bad faith or which is fraudulent.

If we suspect or have evidence of any of the above-mentioned acts or events, then GreySnowPoker.com reserves the right to:

  • Regard the same as a Breach of Agreement;
  • Notify the relevant enforcement authorities and credit reference agencies, providing them with full details; and
  • Consider the same a material breach of this Agreement incapable of remedy.

If User suspects or knows that another person may be participating in or furthering any of the above then User must inform GreySnowPoker.com immediately, providing GreySnowPoker.com with such information as is reasonably required.

If GreySnowPoker.com suspects that User is in contravention of this section then User will promptly and diligently provide GreySnowPoker.com with all the information requested and User must co-operate fully in the investigations undertaken by GreySnowPoker.com and by any investigators appointed by GreySnowPoker.com.

User may not use the Services if User is an officer, employee or otherwise associated with GreySnowPoker.com, which includes any member of User's immediate family and/or partners.

24 - Affiliate Terms and Conditions

The following document sets out the terms and conditions (the 'Agreement') for participating in the affiliates.GreySnowPoker.com Affiliates Program (the 'Program').

The Agreement should be read by the individual or entity that may participate in the Program (the 'Affiliate'). The agreement governs the relationship between GreySnow Gaming and the Affiliate. The Agreement applies for the duration of the relationship between GreySnow Gaming and the Affiliate. The Agreement applies to all aspects of the Program, including, but not limited to, the application process and the possible membership that follows and the Affiliate's actions in promoting the GreySnowPoker.com site and the creation of hyperlinks from the Affiliate's website(s) to GreySnowPoker.com(the 'Links').

affiliates.GreySnowPoker.com may alter any or all parts of the Agreement at any time (even without prior notice to the contracting party). If applicable, notice will be given by message to the affiliate's registered email address and will be deemed to be served immediately when sent by affiliates.GreySnowPoker.com. If the Affiliate does not agree to the changes the Affiliate should terminate the Agreement in accordance with its terms. The Affiliate's continued participation in the Program after affiliates.GreySnowPoker.com have posted changes will constitute binding acceptance of such changes. Please read the Agreement carefully before joining.


Each commission plan differs based on each affiliate and their reach. Once you have created an account and been approved, you may review your commission plan under the “Commission-Plan” tab of your account. Commission is paid out based on NGR(Net Gross Revenue) for each vertical that is applicable to the affiliate which may consist of Poker, Casino and Sportbook. Negative balances to do not carry over to next month’s calculation. Poker net revenue is based off how much rake has been paid by the players in cash game tables. All commission is subject to a 10% fee which covers all transaction fees, bonuses and rakeback that is paid out to the player.

25 - Your consent to our Terms

By clicking the "I Agree" button as part of using the Software (as defined below), you consent to the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement, including:

  • The Privacy Policy
  • The Cookie Policy
  • Our Card Room Rules
  • The Real Money Processing and Currency Exchange terms and conditions (as each may be updated or modified from time to time in accordance with the provisions therein)
  • The English language version of this Agreement shall be the prevailing version in the event of any discrepancy between any translated versions of this Agreement

  • Security
  • Privacy Policy
  • Security FAQ
  • Cookie Policy
  • Player Integrity